Bespoke Post September Selection Time

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Cost: $45/month, shipping is included

What is it: monthly themed lifestyle box for men

Best for: gentleman who enjoys craft cocktails, wears polished shoes and likes to shop at Nordstroms.

I love the beginning of the month because it is when I can look forward to all the new boxes for.  For September Bespoke has 5 new boxes: 

1. The Weekender

When I first saw this, I didn't know this was a new selection for the month.  In my mind it looked very similar to something I've seen before.

You can pick a weekend bag in one of 4 colors.  As this is a special edition item, I can't find the retail value for this item.

2. Swagger

This seems like the highest value box for this month. (Value $144). It comes with three pre-picked socks and then you get to pick three out of six patterns for the other socks. 

3. Distilled

Talk about taking your gin & tonic to the next level - too bad personally I am not a gin fan.  However, this box has the most number of items this month:

The Homemade Gin Kit (value $50) will include:
- a 750ml bottle
- a fine stainless steel strainer
- a stainless steel funnel
- a pack of juniper berries
- a blend of aromatic botanicals 
W&P Design Enamelware Tumber Set, 12oz (value $25)

4. Briefs

3 paris of Mack Weldon briefs (value $72) plus Balla Body Power (value $7)

5.  Kicks

In this box you will get

- a pair of Buckfeet lace up sneakers (value $62) - pick from one of 4 colors
- Line of Trade leather shoelace (value $10); and
- Taft no show socks ($11)

I do think guys should wear no show socks - most guys I know do not, and their feet end smelling very unpleasant.

I am torn between the Kicks box and the Swagger box.  Which one will you pick?

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