Bespoke on Sale 41% off

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Cost: $45/month, shipping is included

What is it: monthly themed lifestyle box for men

Best for: gentleman who enjoys craft cocktails, wears polished shoes and likes to shop at Nordstrom.

Bespoke post is now on sale on Groupon with the following offers:

One month for $45 $29 = 36% off
Two months for $90 $56 = 38% off = $28/box
Three months for $135 $79 = 41% off or $26.3/box

I personally think this is a great deal and I've really enjoyed my Bespoke subscription.  It doesn't say it is for new subscribers only, so I am personally going to buy this offer. 

Also - try to use the code 10OFF for extra $10 off.  I used it, and it worked. This will bring your box(es) down to $19/box (for the one month) or $23/box (for both 2 or 3 month subscriptions).  What a deal! 

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