Rachel Zoe Box of Style Customer Service Update.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I has a wrinkle with the customer service from Rachel Zoe's Box of Style.  In short, they missed updating a new shipping address I put in 10 days before the box shipped and wasn't correcting the problem.  See the full details here in my previous post.

I did what any normal person would do in the age of social media:
(1) Blogged about it; and
(2) Complained on their FB page.

I noticed on their FB that they do have a habit of responding to people, thus I was hopeful.  

And then finally later that evening, I received an email from Box of Style saying:

Yes, we will ship a new box out to you.  We apologize of this huge inconvenience.  We will follow up with a tracking number once our warehouse has processed your request! 

Team Zoe

The above is the response I expected from Rachel Zoe's company.  She is one of the best stylist and her company should reflect that throughout.  I realize that mistakes are made, however, when it is, customers shouldn't be expected to jump through hoops when it is not event the customers mistakes. 

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