Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall Box and Customer Service Review - How they ignore you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Price: $100 - shipped every quarter. 

What is it: curated fashion items by Rachel Zoe that promises a retail value of $300. 

Best for: stylish ladies, especially those that love Rachel Zoe's fashion sense. 

Box of Style has recently been my favorite subscription box.  A few weeks ago I thought to myself that maybe I should cancel all subscriptions and only subscribe to box of style (house piling up with too many things).  If you see Rachel Zoe's curated items you will know why.  See her
Summer 2015 box here.  And check our her Fall 2015 box:

I do love her style and curation.  When I first saw the spoilers, I couldn't wait to get my box and try out the Top Shelf Classic Fedora. 

Okay, so here is the problem.  I recently moved - but no problem, I will just go into my account and update my address - DONE.  Then 10 days later I got an email saying that my box has been shipped!! - YAY - let me check where it is... WAIT - *#@#IM@ WHAT?  Why is it still going to my old address? I freaked out and wrote the Box of Style customer service immediately. 

This is what happened:

And they responded almost immediately:

So far so good - then I waited - and I kept checking the delivery confirmation.  But it still went to the old address, what is more, they left it at the door of my old place and of course the new person renting my old place probably kept it. So I wrote Box of Style again:

and their response:

Wait what? So you screwed up on the shipping and you are asking me to track down my package from a stranger I don't know? I wrote back immediately on Sept 3rd and said: 

"No, I have no contact with the people at my old address. It was a rental. I changed my shipping address on or around Aug 11th, and I noticed the label was printed Sept 1st. Why wasn't the new address reflected? Can I get a replacement box?"

Nothing from them - okay, it was Labor day weekend, so I will wait.  And then on Tuesday Sept 8th and asked them "Any update on the below? [I included the above exchange]? Can I get a replacement box? Thank you" 

It is now September 9th and no response yet.  A minimum would be - I am looking into it.   But no - nothing from two requests.  This is really disappointing because I had really high expectations for Rachel Zoe and her company, but apparently, their customer service only knows how to pass the buck to someone else, and when their drop ship warehouse screwed up - well too bad for the customer.  I will update this blog if I get a resolution. 

I heard back from them later on, see the update on their customer service here

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