PopSugar Studio Fitness Series - Pop Physique Experience

Thursday, October 29, 2015

BoxPopsugar Must Have

Price: $39.95/month

What is it: a female lifestyle monthly subscription box curated by Lisa Sugar, founder of a lifestyle blog Popsugar that features celebrity news, shopping, beauty, fitness, entertainment, food, children, home and pets.

Best for: females ages 18-40.

For the last PopSugar Studio Series event, PopSugar hosted the event at Pop Physique Los Angeles to allow its subscribers to try the popular exercise.  I have personally never tried Pop Physique before but heard a lot about it thus I was excited to try it. 

On the Pop Physique website, they describe their workouts as: 

"A one hour ballet barre-based class. The principles of dance are used to create long, lean lines and tight, compact muscles. The class provides results that are unparalleled. Pop Physique takes the original, chic Lotte Berk concept that was created in London in the 50s to a modernized level that fits into every lifestyle. Lotte was a dancer who created a unique and fun class structure that was quick to show results. There is an artistic approach that Pop Physique takes to this very special hour of class. It is not merely exercise, it is art.

The combination of strength work followed by luxuriating stretches is what enables one to push through intense exercises. In a typical class, you start with a quick warm up for the whole body that includes planks and pushups.
We progress with light weights to tone our upper body, then move to the ballet barre for stretching and intense lower body work for the thighs and butt. The abdominal muscles are worked throughout the entire class with extreme attention on breath. We do a focused section for the abs towards the end of class, and round it out with one more butt exercise and a final stretch."

As we arrived, PopSugar and Athleta greeted us with a towel, water bottle and a $25 Athleta shop card.  Then we were provided the Pop Physique socks to get ready for class.

The class itself consist of a lot of small movements that are designed to work all the small muscles we are not use to and bring the muscles to fatigue.  

I had to borrow this picture from instagram user "jowrites" as i was too busy trying to keep up to take any pictures during class. 

Then after the hour of working out, we were treated to a healthy lunch box by The Oasis Project and cold pressed juice from LA Juice. The chocolate covered dates dessert were so good.  I think there were even walnuts wrapped inside those dates too. 

At the end, they also did drawings for 2 PopSugar Must Have boxes and one $50 Athleta gift card - lucky winners. I do love my PopSugar boxes.  Another fantastic experience by PopSugar Studio Series, I can't wait to find out who they partner with next.  They are done for 2015 and the series will resume in 2016 - can't wait! 

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