Box of Style - Update your account

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Price: $100 - shipped every quarter. 

What is it: curated fashion items by Rachel Zoe that promises a retail value of $300. 

Best for: stylish ladies, especially those that love Rachel Zoe's fashion sense. 

I have to command box of style for this email to remind its subscribers to update its shipping information. I am not sure if it happened to anyone else, but as mentioned in my previous posts (wrong address 1, wrong address 2damaged items) on the review of Box of Style customer service. In short, i had changed my address 1-2 weeks before receiving the email that they are about to ship, and they still shipped to the old address and it took multiple communications before they resent me a box to the right address). 

Even if it happened to just me, I really like how they are taking active steps to remind its subscribers so help decrease the similar issues like mine.  Good Job Rachel Zoe and Box of Style! 

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