Death of Subscription Boxes

Monday, February 22, 2016

I have been debating since my last post if to continue this site or to shut it down.  This is one of the reason why I haven't updated any posts where I have been receiving subscription boxes.  The reasons why are:

  1. The recent sunset of many boxes: i.e. Sample Society (from Allure Magazine), Fancy celebrity endorsed boxes, Bauble Bar Monthly Makeover, Bag & Wonder to name a few.  
  2. Transformation of many subscription services: HelloFlo started as an monthly period subscription box announced ending their subscription service in December 2015 and have transitioned into industry leaders in women's health as they continue to publish daily stores on related subjects.  
  3. A lot of the subscriptions have a short period of customer retention, generally 3 months for a monthly subscription and a year for quarterly subscriptions. 
I personally decided to cancel all my subscription boxes once all my pre-paid orders have been fulfilled as well.  

At the same time, I realize a lot of people have yet to discover the beauty of subscription boxes. Though I should say the joy I received from my first box is no longer relevant.  Originally, you pay for a monthly gift to yourself.  You trust another give you this gift, so you can try makeup or items that you always wanted to try but is too expensive or you would never think about trying but end up loving.  Back then, when a box came, it was a happy anticipated surprise.  Today the surprise is gone, with millions of blogs and released spoilers to get people to buy, by the time the box comes, you know what is inside.  I no longer ripe into the box, instead it sits on my counter sometimes for weeks before I open it.  Secondly, there are so many repeats that I am no longer experimenting with new items.  Lastly, instead of "can't wait to see what I get" have changed to "I hope I don't hate everything in the box". 

For awhile trading became fun because I get to handpick the items I want for items I don't. Not to mention it was a good thing to do while procrastinating.  At the end, I spent hundreds on postage that I could have just bought the items, and hours that I can be walking the malls. 

Regardless, some subscription boxes remain popular, and I am now going to maintain this blog to see how those subscription differentiate themselves from the crowd, while continue to do a few reviews that I find interesting. 

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