Happy Mail November 2015 Review

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Box: Happy Mail

Cost: $20/month goes down to $15/month with a 12 month commitment

What is it: Monthly subscription of cards, postcards, notepads and other old fashion snail related items with a retail value of around $50.

Best for: Anyone with lots of friends with no time to find that last minute birthday, thank you and anything card.  This will make you look like you put a lot of thoughts into your cards!

Lets get right to it. One birthday card this month - though to use it, you do have to be late the birthday!

I like cards that can be used for any occasion as the above i.e. birthdays, just because etc.

This one is cute, however, it is the one in the black envelope again.  I don't have a silver or a pen that lets me address the envelope to make it work for me.  I notice they do include one black or very dark envelop every month.

This one is cute and I have a friend this is going to be perfect for.

They also always have "one of a kind" card every month.

This I put in the 'congratulation' category but more universal so I like this card.   

I love the envelope on this Thank You card.  Thank you cards are so special to get now and so easy to send. I actually wish they send more than one Than You card a month. 

Happy Anniversary card.  I will probably trade this card.

The recipe cards are cute - but I don't have paper recipe anymore and I will trade this as well.

Their monthly poster and the washi tapes.  I am neutral about this month's package but I do like the color combo on of the washi tapes - very fitting for the reason.

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