The next BioHack Box curator is KELLY STARRETT

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Price: $100/box

What is it: a box filled with food, snacks and tools that help the body be more efficient.  For this box, instead of one curator, curators are on a quarterly rotation. 

Best for: anyone who wants to explore biohacking

"This quarter's Biohack Box is all about tuning up your body to guarantee your best performance every time you train. We are stoked to welcome Kelly Starrett, founder of MobilityWOD, as our featured curator.
In 2005, Dr. Kelly Starrett and his wife, Juliet Starrett, started one of the very first Crossfit training centers in San Francisco. After years of seeing tens of thousands of athletes – from elite athletes to weekend warriors - move into group classes and visiting the physical therapy clinic with every type of pain and injury, they saw a clear pattern – that 98% of orthopedic injuries are preventable and that athletes simply lacked an understanding of simple mechanics and the tools to improve those mechanics.

As a doctor of physical therapy, Starrett used his knowledge to help the masses learn how to prevent serious injuries during and after their training sessions. He started the Mobility Project in 2010 and has since set the record for movement and mobility instruction videos.

This box will feature tools to help you recover from your tough training sessions, along with a few of Starrett's favorite hacks to train better. 
Each box costs $100 and will ship in March."
Last quarter's box included:

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