Lola - all cotton tampon subscription

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Box: Lola

Cost: $10-$18/month

What is it: a mix box of 18 tampons made from 100% cotton

Best for: Anyone female who cares about what she puts in her body.

Most of the time of month subscriptions came and went, some were better than others, but most just didn't provide that something special and unique for us to keep subscribing, except for LOLA.  Instead of giving us tampons we can buy at any drug store, Lola changed tampons itself.  They replaced chemical filled items with 100% cotton with no addictive, dyes or chemicals.

Tampons are currently made of Rayon:

Why would we want to insert bleach, among others chemicals into our most delicate part every month to allow it release toxins inside us?  We are even told to stop buying clothes that are made of rayon because

"Rayon is a fiber produced from recycled wood pulp or bamboo cellulose processed by a combination of many chemicals involving carbon disulphide, sulfuric acid, ammonia, acetone and caustic soda to bear regular washing and constant wearing. The carbon disulphide emitted from Rayon fabric can cause nausea, headache, vomiting, chest and muscle pain and insomnia as well as the toxins released from Rayon can also occasion tissue necrosis, anorexia and Parkinson’s disease for people who regularly wear clothing made of it. It is evident that Rayon is a hazardous fabric for people, but its chemicals disposed in the factory effluents can also affect the Eco-system by polluting the water, decreasing the plant’s growth and shortening animals’ life." (from

So Lola promised us something different:

"LOLA tampons are 100% natural cotton with BPA-free plastic applicators. They're breathable, comfortable, adaptable, and soft. LOLA tampons offer superior leak protection, without the additives."

Is it more expensive? Yes, but is extra $4 a month worth not having the above? I vote yes.  If you think about it, the extra $4/month = $48/year, and if she first receives her period at 15 and ends at 50 - in that span of 35 years the cost is $1,680.  Who wouldn't pay $1,680 to not have rayon associated diseases?

I am putting my orders in ASAP and will do an new post on how well it works aside from its better for me properties. 

Now, if they can also make liners too. 

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