March Bespoke Post Selection

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Cost: $45/month, shipping is included

What is it: monthly themed lifestyle box for men

Best for: gentleman who enjoys craft cocktails, wears polished shoes and likes to shop at Nordstrom.

5 new boxes available this box and they are:

1. Liftoff:

This package will include:
Line of Trade Gridwax Canvas Pouch: Value $25
W&P Design Carry on Cocktail Kit: Value $24
Malin + Goetz Grooming Travel Set, Set of Six 1-oz Bottles: Value: $30
Leather Cord Organizer: Value: between $10-$2

I always liked the cocktail kit a lot, however it is a one time use kit and seems so wasteful for $24.  However it is impressive if I ever see anyone on the plane with it.  Doesn't even have to be on the plane, even if I am walking around some one just carries it in their purse. 

2. Polish:
This box will include:

2 Line of Trade Buffing Brush: Value around $40-$50 (assuming each brush is $25 which is in line with most brushes as I can't find this product online)
2 Line of Trade Applicator Brush: Value around $20
Line of Trade Clean + Hydrate Cleaner/Conditioner, 50 ml: again can't find value online
1 Black and 1  Brown Polish Cream, 50 ml each: can't find value online
Line of Trade Leather Wax, 50 ml: can't find value online
Line of Trade Chamois, 12" * 12": can't find value online
Line of Trade Suede Brush: can't find value online

Bespoke did a similar box before. To me this is a good kit to polish shoes, although I don't see too many gentleman polish their shoes these days. 

3. Brew:

This box will include:

Hardware to brew: 

  • one gallon jug
  • double lever capper
  • 20 bottle caps
  • airlock
  • racking cane with tip
  • bottle filler
  • rubber stopper
  • tubing 
  • thermometer
and then

Brewcraft Beer Mix Set of Two: One for Blonde Ale and one for Amber Ale - enough to make 20 bottles. 

Hard to break down the value here separately however from my search online starter brewing kits will start anywhere from $50-$100+.  
3. Breath
This box will include:

Sempli Monti Decanter, 1.8L: Value: $50? A decanter of the same brand was $50 online
Sempli Wine Aeration Funnel: $35 (from other wine aeration funnels)
Sempli Cleaning Beads: Value $20 (from other cleaning beads)
Tasting Room, Gift Card for Six Tasting Bottle, 50ml each: Value $30. I remember tasting room use to provide these bottles for free for signing up so they know why wine to send you. 

The Bepoke video on this make this kit look super refined and tempting.

5. Shelter

This is probably the most practical box although many of use probably already have some of the items in this box:

This box will include:

Line of Trade Bergen Umbrella: Value - can't find it online
Otter Wax Heavy Duty Fabric Wax, 2,25 oz: Value $18
Two pack LOKSAK aLOKSAK , 4.4" * 7.25": Value :$15

Which box will you pick this month?

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