New Popsugar box

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

BoxPopsugar Must Have

Price: $39.95/month

What is it: a female lifestyle monthly subscription box curated by Lisa Sugar, founder of a lifestyle blogPopsugar that features celebrity news, shopping, beauty, fitness, entertainment, food, children, home and pets.

Best for: females ages 18-40.

Starting April PopSugar is introducing a new minibox at a lower price point.  It will be at $18.95 shipping included (but taxes will be added to CA residents). 

This move seems popular for a lot of successful boxes.  Now they can capture subscribers at both price points and increase spending of their most loyal subscribers.  PopSugar Must Have is one of my favorite boxes although I am now skeptical on the minibox because I really don't need more random things at home as I prefer to have less but high quality items. 

Will you be ordering a box?

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