LOLA box review

Monday, April 25, 2016


Cost: $10-$18/month

What is it: a mix box of 18 tampons made from 100% cotton

Best for: Anyone female who cares about what she puts in her body.

I was extremely excited to try this box because I recently found out the monthly products we use slowly release toxins inside our bodies.  Thus,  I have been searching for a natural solution.   I was about to order this and then POPSUGAR MUST HAVE included a $10 gift card in their box - even better!!!!  Cant beat getting a gift card to something I already want.

The entire ordering process of LOLA was superb.  To refrain this post from getting too long I will review the process in another post.  Here is the product on arrival. 

The box included a small thank you card on top: 

I appreciate this attention to detail even though this card is totally not necessary to include in the box. 

Lets check out the other details on the actual product box:

The back of the box:

The bottom:

The side:

Finally when you open the box:

I love the super cute "This too shall pass..." message.  

Lets take a closer look:

LOLA comes in three different sizes: super, regular and light.  I like how they are color coded plus on each of the tampon it tells you which one it is.  Now the real test will be - does it work as well as other commercial products out there? to come...

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