Hello Flo November 2014 Review

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello Flo is a time of the month subscription box for $20/month, customized based on light, medium or heavy flow. Then you get to pick if you want tampons or pads only or a mix of tampons and pads.  Not all subscribers receive their shipment at the same time, instead, it is timed to arrive 5 days before your period.  Here is how it came:

Super cute box...I love how the public will only see the "hello" and only upon opening it, you discover the hidden "flo". Very clever and discreetly designed box.

The inside of the box is just as cute.  

Love how the tampons and pads comes in new packaging.  This is the selection for medium flow with tampons & pads mix. 

Each month also coms with a treat  This month is Sweetriot's wild & wonderful cherry granola and yummies candy coated chocolate drops.  Each package only has 100 calories.  They also included a postcard explaining the treats. 

This postcard reminds you that HelloFlo is more than a subscription service, it is about your overall health.  They have a free app that can help you track how your cycle changes, your periods, cramps and moods as well as to help you keep a record of OB/GYN visits.  I love how the postcards included in this box is not just extra paper that I will throw away.  Instead, it is informative information on how to help me keep my health better.

And finally, love love love the reusable canvas bag where all the goodies go in.  I believe this comes with the 1st month subscription only.  A lot people try to get multiple of these because this is so perfect for all the bathrooms. 

Overall, I love this subscription, now, if they throw in a few liners, I really will not need to go to the store for supplies. 

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