BarkBox Toy Review

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Box: BarkBox

What is it: a pet subscription box customized on the size of the pooch

Price: $29/month includes shipping in the US, $5 shipping to Canada.

Best for: dog lovers that loves to spoil their babies

BarkBox is one of my favorite dog subscription boxes.  I have a 4 pounds yorkie and there are not a lot toys this little guy can play with.  When I informed them my concern they sent me toys that are both cute and perfect for this little yorkie.  

The SNOW CONE: Value $7.  They also have this snow cone in larger sizes.  This snow cone does not squeak, instead it has one of those wrinkle paper things inside for a less noisy play. 

This snow cone is so cute, and really suitable for a summer toy. 

The second item is PEAS IN A POD. Value $14.

This is a four (4) piece toy with the pod as the holder and three individual peas on the inside that comes out.

See how the peas come out and each is a separate squeaker.

The peas are just too cute, and they are the perfect size for a very tiny dog.  I am now trying to train my dog to see if he can put the peas back in the pod himself - no luck so far...

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